Pi Wars 2018 – We have been accepted !

We have just learnt that our application for Pi Wars 2018 has been accepted. We are, of course, very happy about this. Especially as we have been working on a robot for a little while now and it would have been such a shame to have done it all for nothing. This will be our very first Pi Wars and, quote rightly, we are entered in the Beginners section. Although we are a Makerspace, we do not have an official space, meeting up in members houses instead. Although 2 members have a 3D printer of their own, Medway Makers as a group does not. We also do not have access to laser cutters, lathes or any other specialist equipment that a Makerspace or Hackspace might have. The Pi Wars team is therefore made up of enthusiastic individuals putting their own time and effort, plus use of their own personal equipment, into the project to make it successful.

Now it is time to review the challenges and decide how we are going to approach each one. We will, of course, keep you updated on our progress.


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