Upgrading to a Pi 4 with SSD

Mike has decided to upgrade his InfluxDb and Grafana server from the Pi 3B+ to a new Pi 4 with 4Gb of RAM. To speed things up even further, he purchased an M2 NVMe SSD card to boot the OS from and make the speedy Pi 4 even faster.

WD Blue SN500 M2 SSD

The SSD is a WD Blue SN500 M2 NVMe SSD which has a 250Gb capacity. The drive is contained inside a USB 3 enclosure. The Pi 4 was flashed with a brand new copy of Raspbian Buster and then the latest versions of InfluxDb and Grafana were installed

Mike used the instructions from on the ‘Toms Hardware’ website which can be found HERE.

The SSD inside the USB 3.0 enclosure

The Pi 4 with the SSD is now considerably faster than the old Pi 3. Grafana dashboards load faster and in particular, choosing data ranges in Grafana displays the data noticeably quicker than previously. The extra 3Gb’s of Ram should also ensure that the Pi does not start grinding to a halt as the database gets larger.

To keep the Pi 4 cool it is being moved soon to a new Pimoroni PiBo case with the fan shim. This will then be stuck to the back of a monitor in portrait format to display the Grafana dashboards.

4Gb Pi 4 with 250Gb SSD in a USB 3.0 enclosure

If you want a much faster Pi with plenty of storage space, an external M2 SSD is recommended with a Pi 4.

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  1. Mike

    Thanks for keeping visitors to our website up-to-date with the wide variety of projects that members have in development under your patronage. ‘Think , Design, Socialise, Make’ captures the essence of the experience we all have when rocking up to a Medway Makers meet.

    Long may it continue.



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