Making an Arduino based Simon Game

So we decided at |Medway Makers to do a little collaborative project and to do a workshop on building and coding a ‘Simon’ game.

This was mainly born out of a complaint from Tom that he had bought a mini Simon Game and that it was not the same game he remembered as a kid. So, we decided let’s build our own.

Arduino based Simon

We used an Arduino Nano, 4 large buttons with clear caps and 4 LEDs, plus piezo buzzer for the tunes. The circuit is really simple with pull down resistors on each button and current limiting resistors on each LED.

The code creates a random note selected from 4 possible notes and adds it to an array. The note is then played and the corresponding LED is lit. The player then has to press the appropriate button to match the note. If he succeeds, another random note is chosen, added to the array and the tune played so far. This is repeated for as long as the player is able to remember the sequence. The speed of the tune being played back is also increased slightly in each round until eventually it will become impossible

The code plus the circuit for this project can be found on Mike’s Github HERE.

Check out this video for the game in action.

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