Game Development using the Godot Game Engine

Recently our leader Mike has been getting back into game development using the Godot Game Engine after learning it a year or so ago. Godot uses a node based system with scriptable objects meaning each object in the game can be programmed with its own script to make it do something, e.g. player, background, enemies, power-ups, etc.

The language Godot uses is called GDScript which is very much like Python in its syntax. It is easy to learn and intuitive.

At the moment Mike is trying to recreate some classic games using Godot such as Space Invaders and Centipede. If you wish to see what Mike is up to or to learn game development yourself using Godot then come and see us at our next social meetup (Click the events tab). Tickets are free.

TailQuest: Defense by Kivano Games made with Godot

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