Terrarium Fusion

We had a very interesting meetup on Sunday 27th January. For a change, we did something different and instead of electronics, for the first half of the session we built some terrariums.

Building a bottle terrarium

Tom turned up with a beautiful green recycled glass bottle he had just won on eBay as well as boxes and buckets of plants, gravel, compost, moss, mesh and other bits and bobs. Tom and his son then proceeded to build a really nice terrarium in the bottle, using some pieces of slate to landscape it with. Mike gave Tom some springtails to put inside the terrarium too as a ‘cleanup crew’ to take care of leaf litter, algae and mould.

Mike made a smaller terrarium using a clip-lock lid jar from Ikea. He also has a nice large laboratory flask that he is planning on cleaning out and making a terrarium inside. Building the terrariums (despite the cold and wet weather) made for a nice refreshing change from Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and other electronic related stuff.

For the second half of the meetup Mike ran an ‘Introduction to Fusion 360’ workshop fro about 3 hours, which the attendees found very useful. Further Fusion 360 workshops are planned for a later date.

Fusion 360 Workshop

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