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Book a Commercial Stand

Commercial stands are for -

Small hand sawing or solderable kits that can be made in our workshops on site are popular.

To buy visitor tickets, get directions and find out other show information see the main Show Page.

If you not a Limited company or you employ less than 8 people and sell materials, parts, kits or tools you can book a Maker Stand.

We provide the floor space of 3x3 metres and 100w of power through one socket. If you need more please contact us to discuss. We currently do not provide furnature.

For your stand or workshop you may bring for free anyone necessary who will be part of your stand for half the day or more, the other half of the day they can enjoy the rest of the exhibition. (This might include people who normally attend workshops you run outside the show.)

We will give you £48 worth of free tickets tokens (equivalent 4 adult tickets or 6 child tickets) for you to give to who you please.

We would like to advertise your presence at the show in a photo panel like the ones on the Show Page.

Please could you email tomdehavas@gmail.com a 16x9 landscape picture of about 1024 pixels horizontally. A title for your maker activity to go at the top left of the picture and a brief description text (with links) to fit under the picture. Also you are welcome to ask questions or tell us more about what you plan to do.

We will email back to confirm we are happy with your proposal and then all you need do is buy a "Commercial Stand" ticket for £150 but if your quick you may be able to get one of our 3 "Commercial Stand Early Bird" tickets that are essentially just a £25 deposit, refunded after the show provided your stand is up all day.

The event is open to the public from 10:00 to 17:00 and will be open for set up from 08:00.

"Maker Stand Deposit" tickets will be available soon.

If have any Questions call Tom on 07971 308270 or email him tomdehavas@gmail.com

We will be checking you for sensible health and safety precautions so if your using soldering irons or sewing with kids, sitting close together bring eye protection for example, that kind of thing. No fire exhibits without prior permission.