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Capetown Mini Maker Faire

Medway Maker Show

Sorry we have had to postpone till next year :-(

As we just didn't get enough ticket sales, so we have refunded all tickets for now.

But don't forget, next years biggest Maker event in the Southeast at the Historic Dockyard Chatham :-)

We'll be back soon xoxo!


Our Hall is next door and looks like this but without the boats.

It's a huge space to be filled with makers of every kind, for the biggest show and tell in the Southeast. So if you're a maker, read on and take a stand, it's free.


Paris Mini Maker Faire

What Is It?

We are trying to create a show where visitors can learn to make something right there. Where they can meet people who can show them the thrill of making things from electronics to sawing.

This is not a craft faire or market to buy and sell stuff but it is rather a learning and teaching show, to "show and tell" others about the fun of making.


CapeCod Mini Maker Faire

We embrace science & technology, art & design and innovation & industry in one place.

We want to inspire everyone to become a maker, and connect with people and projects in our local community and beyond.

Small hand sawing or solderable kits that can be made in our workshops at the show are always popular.

Let's "make" the world a better place.


Buy A Visitors' Tickets

Our hall with a railway exhibition in it

Activities and kits are likely to be available in the show for a nominal additional charge.


Book a FREE Maker Stand

Young girl hears the radio she built working for the first time.

Maker stands are for people who-

Booking a Maker Stand.


Book a Commercial Stand

Commercial stands are for -

Small hand sawing or solderable kits that can be made in our workshops on site are popular.

Booking a Commercial Stand.



50 minutes train ride from London Victoria or St Pancras, to Chatham and then a ten minute bus ride or 2 mile walk.

By road Sat Nav post code is ME4 4UY google puts this on the reception building you need to be just north of it by 50 meters in the free car park for cars and coaches. .Check it on Google maps.

We are just 1 hour 20 minutes drive North East of Brighton. We are a very different location to Brighton but spectacular none the less. The dockyard is steam punk heaven.

So with the kind help of the organisers of the Brighton Mini Maker Faire Exhibitors can help be booking now so that visitors have time to see whose coming. Please contact Tom tomdehavas@gmail.com or call 01634 893494.



and Carry On.

Roger loses his temper over the postponement of the Medway Maker Show!



Star Crossed Fairies

The Fairies Are Coming! Are You?

Double Wow! The Famous Star Crossed Fairies and their creator James Bradley are coming to the Medway Maker Show. There will also be a costume making workshop with Unravel and Unwind.


If you have never seen the three arms of the RepRap 3-d Printer, now you can courtesy of RepRap Professional China Limited (Rep Rap Pro China Ltd) is dedicated to providing global customers with accessible open-source 3D printing in the following ways: Retail & Wholesale RepRap 3D printer kits, the assembled machines and DIY education workshop.


Z80 Retro Computer Kit

RC2014 - The 8 Bit Retro Computer

Wow! At the Medway Maker Show Spencer Owen will be showing you his retro home brew computer you can buy to to build yourself. Re-live the experience of 1977 8 bit homebrew computers with this easy to assemble based kit. Feel the power of the Z80 CPU! Wallow in the 32k of RAM! Get back to basic with Microsoft BASIC! Start coding like it's 1977 with RC2014.


Unravel & Unwind

Unravel & Unwind will be making Cosplay Accessories in their costume making set up. They also run a "A country cottage" style craft drop in centre for crafters of all abilities, ages, background and culture where they can come and craft while they socialise-practice-teach-learn.


Alien Artefact 202

Science Faction's Reality Game "Alien Artefact 202" will be showing off just some of the clues and introducing you to the International Intelligence Agency, your employer in the game, if you decide to become an agent for the two days necessary to crack the case.

You won't need any special technical experience and you don't need to have worked for MI5, but it helps. You will need a good set of boots, a warm coat and a taste for adventure.


The Airship Association

Steampunks, ever fancied an airship of your own? Martin Hill of the Airship Association will be bringing a 3.3 metre long airship with a top speed of 15mph to fly at the Medway Maker Show. It will be streaming live video back to the ground station. Oh and of course Martin will be on hand to tell you how he made it with its arduino autopilot etc. and he might just bring a few other little blimps and their people with him. Learn how they built an airship.


Rapid Electronics

Rapid Electronics will be there, they are one of the UK's leading distributors of Electronic Components. They have a lot of exciting educational products including Electronic Kits and various thing to support the teaching of Science and Design & Technology.


Its Getting Too Good to Miss

With Fairies and Aliens standing on a solid base of good Science and Art, and helpful people all waiting to show you how you can make all kinds of fun things, It's no wonder beings are coming from outer space to join in.

Don't be left out, buy your tickets today!


Someone forgot to book her stand!