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Loading I found out about the maker movement when I saw a copy of Make Magazine in Foyles bookshop. It was all in San Francisco! Then I visited the Brighton Maker Faire and decided I had to have "maker" culture in Medway now, so the next day 8 September 2013, instead of going to live in San Francisco I founded Medway makers.

I have to audiences about "maker culture" at the Xi'an International Maker Faire in China and a the Westminster Higher Education Forum in Whitehall London.

Tom de Havas


Loading Mike McRoberts is an electronics and Arduino (microcontroller) hobbyist who has brought his passion for this hobby to readers with his first book "Beginning Arduino". A regular contributor to the Arduino forum and IRC channels and also a member of Medway Makers and the London Hackspace. Also knows as TheArduinoGuy on Twitter.

Mike is also an amateur astronomer and motorcycle enthusiast. Sometimes he likes to bother cats.

He is available to present Arduino Workshops upon request.

You can find Mike's blog at


Loading Work experience: Over the years I have worked on systems and software solutions to enable companies to attract new revenue and save time by automating repetitive admin tasks and developing bespoke database applications.

Some relevant keywords web design, graphic design, photography, programming, virtual tours, xhtml, css, php, mysql, javascript, ajax, bootstrap, three.js, jquery, Adobe CC, photoshop, indesign, illustrator, premiere, flash, CAD/3d modelling, 3d printing

Personal project - I am developing virtual tour hardware and software to offer cheaper virtual tours through automation:

You can find Ilya's website at