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Loading "There are some things in life that you just have to have and a "maker" community is one of them," says Tom de Havas, the founder of Medway Makers. "I visited the Brighton Maker Faire and decided I had to have "maker" culture in Medway, so the next day 8 September 2013, instead of going to live in Brighton I founded Medway makers!"

Tom has been invited to talk to audiences as far away as China (Xi'an International Maker Faire) and as close to home as Whitehall London (the Westminster Higher Education Forum). He has done a number of TV interviews.

More about Tom at www.tomdehavas.com

Note: The halo was put there by an electrician and is not spiritual in nature.


Loading Mike McRoberts has done so many Arduino projects he wrote a book about it all called "Beginning Arduino". He is known as "TheArduinoGuy" on Twitter. Mike is also an amateur astronomer and motorcycle enthusiast. He says that sometimes he likes to bother cats, he has one I know that, so he only does it in a nice way!

He is available to present Arduino Workshops upon request.

You can find Mike's blog at www.thearduinoguy.org


Loading Ilya Titov keeps producing really great things that look good and could sell. When your with him and a few others he unexpectedly grins and sticks this cool 360 degree camera somewhere in the middle of everybody and takes a picture. In fact Ilya does things with images and the web that others only dream of doing.

He creates all kinds of kit, designed by himself of course, with 3d-printers.

He is developing virtual tour hardware and software to offer cheaper virtual tours through automation. See orb.photo

He also does freelance web design and programming http://ilyatitov.com/


Loading Tom was once quite a boxer and they say that skipping is an important exercise for boxers. Tom always has an eye on skips for discarded tech' he can turn to a new uses.

A Linux Debian fan who has fun creating games on his PDP8 simulation, to have competitions with his 2 children.

A regular at Medway Makers Tom originally thought tech' was pie in the sky! But thanks to friends at Medway Makers he's enjoying the pie with everybody else now.

See Tom's Blog