Medway Makers: ideas
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Event Ideas

Events are organised by some people for other people.

We don'thave any rules about what event organisers can charge attendees. Of course there will be some free events for sure, some people will charge just for the costs and some will charge as a business.

Your welcome to attend or run an event and we will advertise the event on the site if we think it is suitable for our readership.

Electronics: The Magic of the 20th Century

Come and learn your first spells: Electronics is a magic of the 20th century. If you are curious to become more than just a user why not come to our electronic magic day where you can become a novice wizard and put together a few things yourself. At the end of the day you will have a simple radio to take home with you. It would be on a Saturday 10am till 5pm. This is a "Talk and Make" event.

Introduction to Arduino

For anybody but it might help if you have a techie nature.

Raspberry Jam

Thanks to the Raspberry Pi the term Raspberry Jam has come to mean an event where people using small computer boards to do electronics type things with, come together to do stuff. Its usually what ever they feel like on the day.

Helium Balloon Camera Launch

The intention is to get some nice aerial pictures one weekend with kids and adults. Results could go on YouTube.

Model Railway Arduino based DCC Controller

How use the Arduino to control model trains. I built it and it works so if you aspire to do the same why not let me know.

Project Ideas

This is the place for all the things we would like to do but just haven't got started yet!


Robot building bring your ideas built or not.

Electric Low Power Car

Could we make a 4 horse power vehicle of practical use? A human is about a third of a horse power. A small car is about 40 horse power, why? See what others have done

Eco Village Project

Imagine an off grid village of experimental architecture where we explore everyday the reality of low energy living ready for the end of oil when it comes. This is a science and art project that will do vital research into sustainable living. Find some carbon neutral building work at BedZED but this is still too intrusive for an eco village me thinks. An eco-village is not a Garden City again the damage to the land is too great so we are really looking at a very new style of low energy living and working, getting ready for a possible £100 per litre oil price in 30 years from now. Another example Pine Scale is closer. Now this is more like it Being Somewhere but off grid! Fablabhouse Madrid. See more.


Who is interested in making fireworks. We need to investigate whether we can do this safely and consider exactly how it might be done properly. Persons will only be allowed to join this activity at the managements descretion. We are not interested in people who do not understand safety or simply have an obsession with loud bangs, blowing things up or generally being a nuisance.