Rainbow Trail Lights

I wanted to make something for the #RainbowTrail which is a hashtag on Twitter to share positive cheer and happiness at this difficult time.

Rainbow Ring

Pimoroni sell a whopping 16cm 60 LED neopixel ring which can be used to make any colour on each LED as they are fully addressable. The ring is sold in 4 quarters and a bit of care is needed to solder the pieces together to make the ring.

testing on the workbench

Firstly I tinned all the pads on the ring, then secured it on a flat surface and used single core copper wire to give extra strength when soldering the pads together. I used an Arduino Uno with a resistor for the data line and a 5v PSU to power the LED’s. I then added a capacitor for safety. The code is a modified version of the Adafruit library code as I just wanted a simple revolving rainbow effect.

Soldering up the ring connections

Once built, I measured the current draw to make sure my power supply was safe.

The rainbow ring in action

I’m happy with the look, but it can be improved by using the 4 quarters of the ring in a more abstract way, maybe adding some different sizes rings in and joining it all together to make an interesting piece of art.

The code can be found HERE.

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